Lead & Hard Metals – There are lots of advantages to using lead and hard metals. They are versatile, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Fascia, Soffit & Rainwater Goods – We provide UPVC fascia’s, soffits, and bargeboards with a choice of different colours and profiles. For a more traditional finish, we also offer timber products.

Green Roofs – Often used to create a more aesthetically pleasing roof and lower air temperatures, green roofs also absorb rainwater and provide insulation. We offer systems which include the laying of Sedum Blankets and Plug Planting into a prepared substrate on bituminous insulated layered roofing systems.

Safety Systems – We can supply, fit and commission project-specific fall arrest systems and provide a wide range of solutions dependent on the client’s specific requirements.

Internal & External Refurbishment – Along with our roofing services, we are also able to carry out various internal and external refurbishment works, from painting and decorating to plastering and concrete repairs.